As a counterpart to the World Guppy Contest (WGC) that will take place already for 17 years in a different country, in 2015 the 1st Intercontinental Guppy Championship will celebrate its premiere in Dortmund.

The guppy pair championship will be organised by the DPS-Verlag & Messen together with the guppy club CAGD as part of the “aquatic EXPO Day 2015” from 2nd till 4th of October, 2015 on Dortmund’s racecourse.
Supported by GGES (German Guppy Education and Exhibition Society).
Here it is guaranteed that a lot of aquarist visitors to the fair can get knowledge about guppy high-breeding and can get information about this subject.

There are 400 tanks available for the show guppies. Information desks of guppy clubs and small sale stalls of guppy breeders, in addition to as specialist guppy lectures shall complete the spectrum around the ‚millions fish‘.

A breeders night (Saturday, 3rd of October, 2015), including a tombola, will be made too.

The Grand Champion (best of show) gains, besides of a trophy, prize money of 500.00 US$.Places 1 to 3 of every 16 show category will receive a trophy.



ca. 445 µS/cm
pH-Wert 7,5 pH
GH 9 ° dH
KH 6,5°dH


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